PETCON2018 Webinar Recordings

Food Toppers & Supplements for Vets with Impaired Mobility

By Dr. Judy Morgan
Simple additions that can be made to any diet to help improve mobility by decreasing pain and inflammation.

Mobility & Arthritis

By Dr. Peter Dobias
Learn how to approach your dog’s arthritis and mobility issues without toxic side-effect causing drugs.

Six Important Points to Consider when Exercising your Arthritic Pet

By Dr. Megan Kelly
Follow these 6 points and you will see improved mobility, less pain and a decreased chance of injuries.

Environmental Changes to Improve Mobility

By Dr. Hannah Capon

Core Work: The Basis for all Canine Exercise

By Debbie Gross Toracca
Working a dogs’ core with and without equipment.

Helping Animals in Death & Dying

By Kate Muller
Animal communication for trust, support, acceptance, and peace.